Homeowner - Need To Know


Trash is collected by Republic Waste on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is not a community contract with Republic Waste, you are responsible for paying for your own trash collection. Recycling services are also available through Republic Waste. Recycling is only picked up on Wednesdays.

See The Holiday Pickup Schedule in the Homeowner Information Section.

Septic Etiquette:

All homeowners have a Septic System.  While not all Septic Systems are created equal or are serviced by the same company, one thing is certain, no one likes stinky sprinklers.

The county requires that all Septic Systems by maintained and that your maintenance contract be on file with the health department (Your Service company should do this).  

Maintaining your Septic System is not only required but a Septic System that is not maintained can be a health hazard as well as Smelly nuisance.  Please follow your company's guidelines on maintaining your system and be aware that many variables can cause the Smelly Sprinklers.  Lack of maintenance, a flipped breaker, a pump issue (if you have a "RED LIGHT" on your pump you need maintenance ASAP).

We've all had it happen, you forget to put in the tabs or bleach because your on vacation, you don't know you're breaker's flipped.  Let's be mindful that while you may think it's your neighbor to the right, it could be the neighbor to your left or across the street.  Chat with your neighbors.